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Our Mission:

To provide a good, harmonic environment for the intellectual, spiritual, social, and physical growth of all our children.


Who we are:

Located in the heart of Africa is the land of a thousand hills—Rwanda.  It was here that Children’s Village Kigarama was established in 1994 following the war and genocide that devastated this small country and orphaned thousands of its children.


Children’s Village Kigarama is located in southwestern Rwanda near the shore of beautiful Lake Kivu.  Its 8 hectares of land contain six houses supporting up to 130 orphans, as well as the surrounding orchard.


Our goal:

Today, the orphanage relies on unpredictable charitable giving to meet the most basic needs of the children.  Our dream is to replace that funding source with a more sustainable income stream through the creation of two social businesses, an ecolodge and a fruit processing company.  Not only will these businesses provide a long term income stream to support and educate the orphans, they will also impact the local community through job creation.


Please take a moment to learn about us and our dream and how you can help make it a reality.


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Here's the latest news from our home near beautiful Lake Kiva, Rwanda.

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